No shortage of misadventures, of course. But also plenty of travel, fulfilling work (and play), and good friends. In short, a life of great blessing.

We're engaged! [june 2010]

I don't know where to begin.
I am ecstatic -- and everyone's good wishes have just been amazing to us. We're so excited for that wonderful day approximately one year from now. : )

To answer a few questions:
Proposal: Jackson Square Park, New York, 5/23/10.
How: Ring tucked in a space...cut inside a book about gardening.
Happy Tears: Many.
Wedding Date: Summer 2011.
Location: Somewhere between Vancouver and Seattle.
Where will you live? This is yet to be decided...

...And the adventure begins, Sweetie! I love you lots & lots.

me, and trent

I go places, see things [july-november 2009]

So evidently I embraced the freedom of finishing my certificate program pretty enthusiastically. I have spent the last five months making trips to San Francisco, Chicago, and New York, and spending many, many weekends in Vancouver.
Kinda wish I had more time to read and watch Netflix.... Actually, no, I don't.
Highlights included:
The new California Academy of Sciences in SF;
Digging for fossils with Dan;
Chicago's architecture;
The Vancouver thing.

I expect good things in the new year. And I am very happy. : )

sf moma, july

Portland! [june 2009]

Five years since I’d been to Portland—I won’t ever let that happen again. Seattle’s smaller, friendlier sibling delights in a dozen different ways. To name a few…
- Powell’s goes without saying.
- Street food! Surely Yelp was created for this.
- Every tax-free shopping transaction is like a shot of endorphins. (Just as addicting, too.)
- Metamorphosis II, at the Escher exhibit at PAM. (Although I really loved his early realistic work, this 13-foot marvel was the entire trip’s highlight--and a trip in itself).

voodoo donuts in the park

Ebb and Flow [june 2009]

On June 23 we had our lowest tide of the year—minus four feet. So I got away from the office to run around barefoot on some really, really wet sand. The whole bay seemed smaller, and flocks of people came out to enjoy it.
In marginally-related news, I’ve finished school! I am now, among other things, a Technical Writer. Certifiable. And so now I am extremely busy planting flowers, reading books, and going on walks. I’m not sure whether this summer is an “ebb” or a “flow,” but I am enjoying life, for what it is, in a way I haven’t in ages.

the sea exposed

Winter [january 2009]

Snow is so beautiful, when you want to be snowed in. This was the case over Christmas at my parents' (at right). And it was the case on a recent Sunday night, when it fell thick and quiet and was guaranteed to be gone the next day.
But it wasn't really the case the week preceding Christmas, when one still had to attempt to work in one's own living room, and the hill one resides on was left an island.
It's nice to see green grass again. ...Rain, on the other hand, is a different story...

fancy new hood ornament

I am a student [september 2008 - june 2009]

(I [subject] am [linking verb] a student [predicate nominative].)
I have been accepted to the University of Washington's Certificate Program for Technical Writing and Editing.
I am thrilled. I love being on campus again, it is so nice to be really learning, ...and my new bookbag is just the coolest.
The homework, however, is absolutely kicking my butt. It has been a loooooong time since my work has been subject to such scrutiny, and I wasn't trying to honor a full-time employer back then, either.
So challenges lie ahead. But I am so happy to have them.

fountains of knowledge

We have a Bathroom [august 2008]

Well, sort of. The vanity is beautiful. The mirror and soap dish -- to die for. My friend Dan whipped this all into shape on the hottest day of the year while I was at a wedding (wearing a black dress to an outdoor reception, I might add, though that is a different story), the day before I left for Vegas for a week.
I love it. But I did not actually get to paint, or put in a floor, before school started -- so that fabulousness will be featured in a future entry.

all is vanity

Tiny little money pit [june, july, august... 2008]

Time to update the bathroom, I said. This will be easy, I said. We're only tearing out the vanity and sink.
But whither goest the vanity goes the mirror. And the floor. And the paint job....
Do stay tuned, won't you?

the stuff of luxury

Say 'da' to the Banya [may 2008]

Well, I'm sold on Banya 5, in South Lake Union. Styled after a Russian bath house, you're invited to try the dry sauna, steam sauna, and hot, tepid, & cold pools. (Part of the fun [?] is experimenting with the extremes -- that dry-sauna-to-cold-pool transition can be quite a transcendent trip.)
The massages are lovely also.

@ 217 9th avenue north


I give up secular music [february / march 2008]

Because I didn't want to give up coffee for Lent...and did want to find more rest in my heart.
Not that there isn't angst and pain in the spiritual-music realm -- there's probably more. The difference, I think, is hope. And meaning. I needed that after a long winter, and the experience was hugely rewarding.
Does a steady diet of Spirit 105 have its challenges? O, yes. But sometimes that simply led me to embrace silence instead. :)
(Huge thank-you to Darcie for keeping me supplied!)



San Francisco, revisted [november 2007 ]

Four business trips and the return of drab weather had me rushing online one day for a cheap fare to my happy place. Traveling sans laptop on a flight that takes less than two hours is just pure joy. I know this now.
I walked and walked. I drank coffee and ate pastries. I found my new favorite coat. I spent a gorgeous morning at Alcatraz. And I had a fabulous time with my friend Dena, shopping and enjoying a Chinese dinner at a true hole in the wall. (We'll do it again soon!)

at alcatraz
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Free massage, the hard way [september 2007 ]

In Bellingham on our last hot Sunday, my car was rear-ended by a Domino's pizza guy. It was the lowest-speed collision ever, but still. My headband landed in my lap and I hurt for days.
Silver lining: new bumpers! And prescribed massage that kept me headache-free well into autumn. (I'm really missing that.)
Postscript: TWO people from Domino's came to rescue the pizza, before the police ever arrived.


Ye Olde Renaissance Faire [august 2007 ]

(...I am on the left.)
This is the dress I constructed the night before our visit to the Washington Renaissance Fantasy Faire in Gig Harbor. (Given one more day, I could have REALLY turned it into something.)
Costumed or not, everybody there was loving it. Highlights included a fire-eater, toddlers engaging in a fencing match, and Queen Mary blessing children for hours on end. (Probably a big switch from her day job.)

I make a friend
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TypeCon! [august 2007 ]

O, boy oh boy oh boy! TypeCon is what you get when the world's finest typographers come together to discuss their craft and bask in the adulation of designers, artists, and all those who may be defined as font fanatics.
Highlights included a premiere screening of "Helvetica" the documentary; a retrospective of Matthew Carter's career; a presentation by Art Chantry; and -- so I'm told -- the Font Identification Quiz (...I had other plans that night).
See links to other fantastic TypeCon talent on the Great Stuff page.

seattle center, TypeCon weekend
(photo courtesy of jp)


Work sends me to: [june / aug / sept / oct 2007 ]

Work sent me to Scottsdale for a team conclave in June, where I enjoyed 106-degree heat and a hot stone massage.
Work sent me to Las Vegas in August, where I enjoyed schlepping a giant laptop case all over the Strip.
Work sent me to Texas in September, for a day-long meeting.... Then, six days later, to a summit in Fort Lauderdale. Florida was really lovely, apart from being there and back again in less than 72 hours (and flying home next to a man with eczema).

atlantic hotel, ft lauderdale
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Combine Demolition Derby [june 2007 ]

The town of Lind, Washington holds a contest of strength every mid-June, as area combines fight to the death. Kim and I drove out on Saturday to join Lyle and friends for the festivities, and it was a riot.
For more information, see'sweekend. ...And if the combines aren't enticing enough, there's a grain truck race during intermission!

lyle (r) and the gang

Cabin on the Sound [may 2007 ]

So Janet invited a few of us to Scott's family's house on Hood Canal for Memorial Day Weekend. The weather was fine, the tide was out (then in, then out again), food and beverage were plentiful, and the crab super-tasty.
Big thank-you to Janet, Scott, Cynthia, Leigh, Simon, Sidney and Mick for the excellent and entertaining company. :)

my dinner and me
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