May 15-22, 2004

Lima, Cuzco, Abancay, Machu Picchu

Swissotel & Miraflores Park Hotel, Lima
Lyle's House

Hotel Libertador & Hotel Monasterio, Cuzco
Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge

Slice O' Heaven:
The alpaca blanket I still use every night
Dinner at the Sanctuary Lodge
The menu at "Bar Restaurant Fished and Shellfish"

Hair-curling ride to Abancay; not eating cuy;
smacking my head in some catacombs

machu picchu

the market, abancay

potatoes for sale (photo by ch)

cuy (guinea pig) - soon to be dinner

our driver, buying homemade liquor

me n' cynthia

me, exploring (photo by ch)

art imitating nature

overlooking cuzco

sacsayhuaman, outside cuzco

guillermo cock's research facilities, lima